The Villa

The main salon, the dining room and the Bar & TV room are three entire ‘joglos’ floating over the water amid waterlilies and giant koi carp. Brought from Java, these houses, with their massive, majestic carved ceiling structures, are the traditional style of home for the rural population of Java. More than 100 years old, they are made from solid teak, which nowadays is no longer possible. At that period, ancestral know-how, and wood of extraordinarily high quality and cut, both of which factors have now disappeared, permitted the creation of true works of art.
The beauty, colour, and natural use made of ancient wood in the roof-supporting framework, ceilings and floors are breathtaking, and create a unique atmosphere and sense of harmony.

These three inter-connected spaces with their vast dimensions are open on all sides, with no walls or enclosures, to maximise the enjoyment of the surrounding gardens and ponds, and benefit from completely natural ‘air conditioning’. You find yourself in the pampering comfort and convenience of luxury and modern technology yet in constant communion with the beautiful and wild natural landscape of Bali…

Living Room

Dining Room



The Master

Suite of 130m2
The master suite is also housed in a wonderful joglo, but this time closed with amazing carved teak panels in order to allow a little technological help with the temperature if necessary. However immense pairs of solid wood doors can be opened at any time onto the private terrace and swimming pool or onto the bathroom, which is set in a luxuriant garden where you will have difficulty choosing between a shower in the sunlight, or a bath carved directly out of an amazing natural rock.

The Suites

The four other suites, linked by walkways over the network of lotus ponds, are housed in ‘gladags’, the traditional style of barn still used by Javanese farmers to store rice. Here transformed into a refuge for sleep, each one enjoys a private terrace over the lotus and a bathroom where giant showers and baths are sheltered or open to the sun at the heart of an Edenic garden.

Suite 1

80m2 bedroom with King size bed & living room & terrace.

Suite 2

80m2 Twin room or King bed set-up & terrace.

Suite 3

80m2 2 level Sumatra house with 2 King size bed and terrace.

Suite 4

80m2 bedroom with Queen bed & living & terrace

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